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December, 2011

Put into operation an automated process control system of raw materials processing based on PCS7 version 7.0 + CEMAT version 7.1 of SIEMENS at JSC "Volyn-Cement". Owner Dyckerhoff (Zdolbuniv, Rivne region, Ukraine)
A procedure of calculating the ratio of raw materials (including additives to clinker ash coal, and the addition of slag in the kiln) and the percentage of oxides in the raw sludge, which must meet the required clinker.

October, 2011

Commissioned the first phase of the automated process control system of gas dehydration plants Bilche-Volytsko Uherske-UGS (installation absorbers of two plants), based on SIEMENS PCS7 and Honeywell controllers (Bilche, Lviv region., Ukraine)

October, 2011

Put into operation an automated control system of gas compression installation on the Kiev's preparation gas distribution station, based on SIEMENS PCS7 and controller SIMATIC S7-300 CPU315-2DP (SIEMENS) (Chervony Donets, Kharkov region., Ukraine)

September, 2011

Delivery of the server cabinet (servers SIMATIC IPC547C (Siemens)-3pc.) and development of database software OPC / MES-based server software product AspenTech InfoPlus.21 to JSC "Mykolaevtsement" (Lafarge).
The system is based on the use of modern information technology network client/server for the preparation and management of process data, which are used for management and planning of enterprise data management for equipment and calculation of production capacity, planning, accounting and production scheduling, operational planning of production. (Mykolayiv, Lviv region., Ukraine)

April, August, 2011

Manufacture and supply of control cabinets for process heating furnace gas recovery and fuel preparation and installation of pulsed gas Chervonodonetskoy booster station on Shebelinka gas condensate field. The control is performed by the controller SIMATIC S7-300 CPU315-2DP and a control panel MP277 (SIEMENS). (Kopanki, Kharkov region., Ukraine)

April, 2011

The magazine CTA 2/2011 ("Modern Automation Technologies", http://cta.ru/english/) published the article "Use of the PCS7 control system and CEMAT application in cement industry".
The article describes the control system of a kiln for burning the raw mix and making clinker when producing cement, introduced at the JSC "Volyn-Cement". Owner Dyckerhoff (Zdolbuniv, Rivne region, Ukraine).
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